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Tena Street Ice House

Get the most refreshing ice and water available in Jacksonville, Texas.
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Purified by Reverse Osmosis

We use the best and cleanest methods to ensure clear, great-tasting ice and water.

Always Available

We are centrally located and always open for you to access.

Accepts All Payment Methods

Our ice house gladly accepts cash, credit and debit cards for purchase.

Excellent Quality

Our water is never stored in plastic and delivered at a frigid 34 degrees. You’ll taste the difference.



$ .25 1 Gallon


$ .75 3 Gallons


$ 1.00 5 Gallons


$ 2.00 20lbs Ice

How it Works

Reverse Osmosis Process

Traditional Ice Houses sell filtered water. We start with filtered water as the first stage in our purification process. We take it one step further by using pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane. This extracts impurities and they are filtered out, providing the clearest and freshest-tasting water and ice.

Our Ice…

  • Almost Crystal Clear
  • Delivered in larger, longer-lasting pieces
  • Doesn’t tend to stick together when refrozen

Our Water…

  • Our water is never stored in plastic
  • It’s delivered at a chilling 34 degrees

Delivered to You

When you visit our ice house, you will receive water directly out of the purification system. Our ice is made of the same, Reverse Osmosis, water to ensure the best quality.


Hour Availability


Pounds of Ice


Happy Customers


Gallons of Water

Our Location

The Tena Street Ice House is located only a few hundred yards from Highway 69. We're immediately across the street from the Walmart south entrance, next door to AnyTime Fitness.

Our location gladly accepts cash, credit and debit cards.